Silicon Hills - Austin, Texas Tech Center

Silicon Hills - Austin, Texas Tech Center

The Birth and Development of Silicon Hills Media and Tech Center For Silicon Hills - Austin, Texas

The climb to being one of the biggest media and tech centers of the world has taken several decades to accomplish. It was in 1983 when Microelectronics and Computers Technology Corporation decided to build their headquarters here that the real boom within this industry and the signs of the earliest development of this tech center began. Soon after businesses such as Sematech, which is the semiconductor of the technology industry research operations began to follow suit and set up business within the Silicon Hills - Austin, Texas area. It was in 2008 when the real acknowledgement of the stronghold Silicon Hills - Austin, Texas tech center had in their design came. This was the period of time when the economy throughout the State of Texas and the world hit the lowest point of investment moneys being available and the technology industry was being hit the hardest financially. Yet Silicon Hills businesses where showing a steady stream of profits despite these problems. In fact, Dell Computers which has its headquarters in this tech center was showing the highest profits in 25 years. Much of the success of the Silicon Hills Tech Center can be contributed to its prime location. With the University of Texas at Austin being within such close proximity to this tech center, there are always advancements taking place. Each year tens of thousands of graduates from the University of Texas that have completed training within the engineering and computer science programs within this university obtain employment with the companies throughout the tech center. Their fresh ideas and new insight helps grow the businesses regularly. Forbe's has reported that the Silicon Hills Tech Center is number one when it comes to rapid growth and employment within this industry.

A Home to the Best of the Best

While there are never any guarantees in the media and technologies industry one thing will never change - the growth and need for advancements will never slow down. To ensure that companies are able to meet the growing needs and demands for the products and services their customers are seeking it is necessary to have the right location for your business where you can always have fresh ideas and insight. That is one of the main keys to the success in the Silicon Hills media and tech center.

Everything from start-up businesses to world renowned corporations are choosing the Silicon Hills tech center to call home to their company's headquarters. You will find companies such as Paramount Computers, Blabber Mouth, Austin Free Net, Applied Science Fiction, AGEA Corporation, and Tokyo Electron America Incorporated located in this media and tech center. It is the history of these companies that prove the success that Silicon Hills - Austin, Texas can provide for even the smallest start-up companies.

A prime example is this: A college student that found the need for making extra income decided to open a one man shop building computers for friends and school acquaintances. He sold the computers from his dorm room. After noticing the demand for his products and his inability to meet all of these demands he made the decision to open up his own business. After hearing of the success of companies such as Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation he chose to build his business within the Silicon Hills - Austin, Texas tech center. He felt this was the prime location for students that attended the University of Texas at Austin to purchase the computers they needed for school. That student was none other than Michael Dell, owner and founder of Dell Computers.

Unlimited Potential

There is no way of really calculating the value of the Silicon Hills - Austin, Texas Media and Tech Center as the profits each company located here continues to regularly increase. Many companies that have their headquarters in this area see new record levels of profit annually and hit milestones in their financial reporting well before they ever thought possible. It is known however, that companies such as Dell Computers, SemaTech, and others regularly report billions of dollars in revenue every year. It is believed that the financial standing of the Silicon Hills - Austin, Texas Media and Tech Center will continue to grow as more businesses decide to open their headquarters within this area.

Visiting Silicon Hills - Austin, Texas Tech Center

Whether you are planning to visit Silicon Hills Tech Center for business or pleasure, you are sure to find the amenities available throughout this area to be plentiful. This is by far one of the most affordable media and tech center hubs in the world. Convention centers located throughout the area include the Austin Convention Center and the Thompson Convention Center at the University of Texas at Austin. These facilities provide spacious room and accommodations for all business needs you may require. Hotels throughout the area are plentiful as well. You will find hotels including the Double Tree Club Hotel, Embassy suites, Hilton Austin, Hyatt Regency Austin, Radisson Hotel and Suites, as well as the Hampton Inn and Suites to be quite accommodating for whatever type of visit you are planning to the area.

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