Silicon Prairie - Metropolitan Dallas(USA)

Silicon Prairie - Metropolitan Dallas (USA)The Silicon Prairie is a term that is used to define an area of the southern and central United States where technology industries are currently flourishing. The term itself is a play on the term "Silicon Valley," using prairie instead due to the geography of the areas where technological development is occurring. While there are many places in the Silicon Prairie where technological development is thriving, the Dallas metro area is perhaps the area most consistently growing. With many new companies starting there every year, this thriving hub of technological research and development is a prime location for established or new technology businesses.

Defining the Metro Dallas Silicon Prairie

The Dallas area of the Silicon Prairie is more accurately defined as the Dallas-Fort Worth Silicon Prairie. It encompasses the majority of northern and northeast Texas, including Dallas, Fort Worth and the many smaller cities or suburbs up to the northern border of Texas. The area is known specifically for its extensive telecommunications industry. The telecommunication industry in the Dallas-Fort Worth Silicon Prairie is among the largest in the country. The area is also known as a haven for many large-scale, very popular video game development companies.

As with other versions of the Silicon Valley throughout the world, semiconductor research and development is also a huge part of the economy here. In terms of pure manufacturing dollars, semiconductors are among the most profitable pieces of hardware produced in the Dallas-Fort Worth Silicon Valley. These semiconductors are sometimes designed specifically for telecommunications applications through partnerships between different companies in the area. However, this does not mean that the semiconductors produced here are all specifically geared toward use in the telecommunications industry. Semiconductor development, along with all other electronics research conducted in the area, is broad-based and is designed to serve a variety of technological applications.

Major Businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth Silicon Prairie

There are many large telecommunications companies that are headquartered in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. There are still more businesses that are not technically headquartered there, but which maintain a significant research and development presence in the area. These companies are all fairly integral employers here, and they provide thousands of jobs to people in this part of the Silicon Prairie.

Perhaps the most well-known member of the Dallas-Fort Worth Silicon Prairie companies is AT&T. AT&T is one of the world's largest telecommunications companies. It provides communications services to millions of clients worldwide, and it has a large roll in telecommunication research. The company averages over $120 billion in revenue every year, and it employs nearly a quarter million employees around the world. AT&T is also an important community partner in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro area, and it provides funding for many civic and cultural projects for the community.

Texas Instruments is another well-known member of the Silicon Prairie family of companies, and it plays a major roll in the economic landscape of the area. Texas Instruments is the third-largest supplier of semiconductors in the world, and it produces chips that go into everything from calculators to bombs. It is the largest manufacturer of analog technology components, with an estimated 45,000 products in its portfolio. The company averages between $12 and $13 billion in revenue a year, and it employs nearly 35,000 people.

Gearbox Software is a member of what is colloquially referred to as the Dallas Gaming Mafia. This is a collection of game production companies that have made it big over the past ten years. Gearbox Software has developed some of the most well-reviewed games of the past decade, including the Counter-Strike and Borderlands series. The company is recognized as one of the first gaming companies to create a special rewards system for players of its games. Gearbox Software currently employs 180 people in the Dallas-Fort Worth Silicon Prairie.

The Economic Impact

The economic impact of the Silicon Prairie can be felt across the world, but it can be felt most acutely in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The companies in the Silicon Prairie have brought a lot of economic development to the area, and they are well-recognized job creators here. Through the use of cutting-edge technologies and techniques, the technology companies in the Silicon Prairie have been able to craft a thriving economy in north Texas.

Outside of the Silicon Valley, there are many areas of the country that are trying to develop a strong technology-based economy. Many of these newcomers are areas of the country that were once heavily-steeped in manufacturing. As these jobs get shipped overseas more and more, local economies are forced to fill in the blanks. Through an intelligent mixture of education and technological development, the Silicon Prairie is developing an economy based off development and research. As a result, northern Texas is seeing a steady stream of regular growth every single year.

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