High Tech Campus Eindhoven - Eindhoven Netherlands (Netherlands)

High Tech Campus Eindhoven - Eindhoven Netherlands (Netherlands)High Tech Campus Eindhoven is a unique fixture in the business landscape of the Netherlands. It's a business park that focuses specifically on science and technology companies, but it doesn't approach business in the same way as a normal business park. Instead, the framers of the High Tech Campus Eindhoven model looked at the campus as more of an "ecosystem" between the companies housed there. No matter how you look at this campus, there is no doubting the influence it is having on the technology industry in the Netherlands. Its unique approach to business has made it a haven for multinational companies looking to break the mold.

The History of High Tech Campus Eindhoven

High Tech Campus Eindhoven was first conceived-of by Philips in 1998 as a private enterprise. Back then, the company was heavily immersed in research activities, but all of these activities were spread out over a massive area of land around Eindhoven, Netherlands. This made the entire process of developing new and innovative technologies very difficult to efficiently manage, so the company built the campus at Eindhoven. Here, all of the research departments could work collaboratively in the same setting to more efficiently develop new technologies.

The methodology here was very simple and built around the concept that openness and the free exchange of ideas could lead to ingenious technologies. Over the years, this concept proved to be true, and the company went on to develop some significant technologies for the entertainment, healthcare and consumer electronics industries. In an attempt to accelerate the process of technological development in the Netherlands, Philips began leasing space and facilities to other private businesses. There were a few major things that people needed to keep in mind when they applied for a space, and they dealt mostly with the overall mission of the High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

The first real tenet of the campus is that the business needs to be involved with some aspect of research or development of new technologies. Secondly, the company needs to be amenable to the open approach to collaboration that is the backbone of High Tech Campus Eindhoven. There is obviously a little "wiggle room" for companies working on sensitive new technologies that they need to maintain secrecy around. However, the general idea of working at High Tech Campus Eindhoven is that work is done in a very collaborative way in a very open environment.

The Impact of High Tech Campus Eindhoven

There are a number of unique features to the campus that make it stand out among its contemporaries. First of all, the campus is located on an enormous and pristine plot of land in the Netherlands. The verdant green hills are meant to invoke a sense of comfort and tranquility on the campus. This is, in turn, meant to promote an environment that is more conducive to deep thought and innovation. The many design features and comfort considerations of the campus make it an ideal place for research and development companies to flourish.

These companies do flourish very well at this campus, and over 50 percent of the patents granted in the Netherlands are given to companies from High Tech Campus Eindhoven. The success of the companies here also makes the campus a magnet for foreign researchers and investors. With more than 100 companies on campus from all over the world, High Tech Campus Eindhoven is a multinational arena of ideas.

The commitment of the campus to being sustainable is also seen in every aspect of it's design and culture. Aside from preserving the enormous amount of land the campus is situated on, High Tech Campus Eindhoven is also heavily involved with sustainable business and operational practices.

The Impact of High Tech Campus Eindhoven on the Economy

The economy of greater Eindhoven has seen nothing but benefits from the development of the campus. As the campus has developed, more jobs have come to the area than ever before. This was especially true after Philips decided to branch out and allow other businesses to move into the campus. The subsequent influx of jobs and capital into the local economy has had an effect that will be felt for generations in the future.

Solidifying the Place of the Netherlands in Technological History

The truth is that the world benefits every day from technologies developed in the Netherlands. This trend continues to this day as more and more companies from High Tech Campus Eindhoven work to improve upon existing technologies. As the pace of development increases, so too does the pace of economic development. This campus may not be the only reason for the increase of technical jobs in the Netherlands, but it obviously plays a large role in that. In the end, High Tech Campus Eindhoven is just an outgrowth of the respect for science and technology felt throughout the Netherlands.

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