Otaniemi - near Helsinki (Finland)

Otaniemi - near Helsinki (Finland)When it comes to technological research and development, few countries are as forward-thinking as the country of Finland. Finland is home to a large number of technology companies along with other northern neighbors like Norway and the Netherlands. There are a lot of things pushing Finland's devotion to developing new and unique technologies. However, the many incentives to start or develop technology businesses within Finland cannot be ignored. Finland has the incentives, the educated workforce and the existing infrastructure required to develop a thriving technology industry. Thanks to the development of a technology-heavy business landscape, Finland is seeing greater prosperity than it has seen in quite some time.

The Technology Industry in Otaniemi

One of the defining characteristics of this quiet city is the top-tier university that is found here. The Helsinki University of Technology campus is located in Otaniemi, and it is one of the preeminent technology universities in the country. The school and the town are so interconnected, the school is often simply called Otaniemi. The Otaniemi campus of the school has four major buildings that include research and development space. People come from all over the country to take part in classes through the university here.

The Helsinki University of Technology is not the only thing that draws people to this part of the country. There are also many different important research and development organizations that have placed headquarters in the town. Some of these large, important companies are no more than a stone's throw from the front of the campus. There is a bus line that runs between the college and downtown Helsinki that takes roughly 15 minutes. This makes the college and the surrounding companies very accessible to anyone living in the vicinity of downtown Helsinki.

Major Companies with Headquarters in Otaniemi, Finland

Nokia is perhaps one of the most well-known companies from Finland, and its cell phone technologies are present in a wide range of cellular devices. The origins of the company branch all the way out to the mid-1860s, and this company has been through it all. There was a time where Nokia phones were a dominant powerhouse in the cell phone market. However, as technology and tastes changed, the cell phones that Nokia helped to turn into a cultural mainstay were no longer viable. In recent years, Nokia has turned to exclusive deals with Microsoft to help fuel its smart phone ventures. As part of the deal with Microsoft, Nokia can only produce smart phones that work with the Microsoft Windows operating service.

Fortum is another major Finnish company that deals with the development and implementation of new technologies. To be more specific, Fortum is a utility company that contributes to the development of a wide range of sustainable energy capture methods. Fortum invests heavily in human capital from the area, but it also invests heavily in everything from wind power to hydroelectric power. Fortum is a major employer in Finland with over 10,000 employees on staff at any given time.

The VTT Technical Research Center of Finland is the largest research organization of its kind found anywhere in north Europe. Unlike the previous two organizations, the VTT Technical Research Center is a non-profit organization that exists solely to help develop innovative new technologies for industrial and scientific applications. VTT works to expand the knowledge-base found in all areas of technology, and it does so with little to no public funding. While it is technically a public organization, the VTT Technical Research Center gets the vast majority of its funding from outside donors. This means that the VTT Technical Research Center can provide an extremely high level of value for a very small overall investment.

Technology and the Economy of Otaniemi

Without a doubt, Otaniemi is an area that is entirely built upon the world of technology. Through the technical college and the many research organizations that can be found here, Otaniemi has seen a lot of growth over the past few decades. As the university builds its prestige, more and more top-tier students decide to enroll. As more of these students can be found in Otaniemi, more companies move to place themselves in the best possible position to take advantage of this. All in all, it could be said that the technology industry in Otaniemi has been uniformly successful and beneficial to all Finnish people.

Technology Leads to Big Business

It's no secret that technology companies are doing very well right now. However, what many people don't seem to realize is that these technology jobs aren't going anywhere. As long as companies require a skilled, intelligent workforce to handle their operations, the technology industry will continue to thrive here. After all, some of the top technology-minded graduates in the country are going toe the Helsinki University of Technology campus in Otaniemi.

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