Melbourne, Digital Harbour at Docklands

Melbourne, Digital Harbour at Docklands Australia has been coming into its own over the past decade as a major player in the worldwide technology industry. This is driven by a number of factors, however there are a few that are especially important to consider. The presence of high-value coltan mineral under the deserts of Australia is one major contributor. Coltan is among the most widely used minerals in the production of high-quality semiconductors for consumer electronics. What's more, Australia is among the few places on Earth where Coltan is produced in reasonably high yields using humane extraction methods. Most other countries that produce high levels of Coltan do so at the expense of slave laborers.

Another major influence in the development of the technology sector here has been the marriage of interests between private Australian businesses and the Australian government. As mining and ranching jobs that were once the mainstay of the Australian economy shrink away, there is a vacuum left for people to fill. Like many other countries around the world, Australians understand that the future is based on the research and development of new technologies. Therefore, it only makes sense to invest in an infrastructure that can help keep Australia relevant in the world marketplace as time marches on.

The Digital Harbour at Docklands

The Digital Harbour is in a 5,000 person area of Melbourne known as the Docklands. The Docklands sit on the edge of the immense Yarra River near the southern end of Melbourne. It was developed as a space for digital professionals to congregate for work, for play and for life. Each of the buildings has been designed with the highest environmental and design standards in mind. Throughout the small complex of buildings, there is access to extremely fast external and internal networks to help facilitate the flow of information.

Digital Harbour is, at present, around 44,000 square meters of space available to many tenants. There are plans for an expansion of the Digital Harbour to 220,000 square meters to help make way for the expected influx of students, business owners and families looking to live in the Digital Harbour. Port 1010 is the main building of the complex, and it was recently awarded with the Victorian Architecture Award for commercial architecture. This is indicative of the kind of care and planning that has gone into every single aspect of this work and living space.

The Digital Harbour and Australian Society

The Digital Harbour has had an expansive and intense impact on the Australian economy. This is most acutely apparent in Melbourne, and especially when one looks at the growth of the technology sector in the Australian economy. Some of the largest technology research firms in the country are housed in the four major development buildings. Beyond these "developers" of technology, some of the largest technology consumers are also a part of the culture here. For example, the Australian Customs Service is headquartered here, and they are among the largest users of new technologies in the country.

The impact of the Digital Harbour on the economy of Melbourne is significant, and it's difficult to find people living in Docklands who aren't involved with the technology industry in some way. This is expected to continue indefinitely into the future as plans to develop eight more buildings on the site move forward. The new buildings will contain major upgrades to the currently existing development facilities. There will also be SOHO-style apartments built for employees of the companies within the Digital Harbour. Of course, this space will have access to all of the most current technological amenities. This includes high-speed Internet connectivity and many other communications benefits.

The Overall Impact of the Digital Harbour

The Digital Harbour's overall goal is to promote technological research and development. The point here is to turn Australia into a hub of development for technology businesses, and the Digital Harbour exists to provide an arena for that expansion. There are a number of projects in place that are designed to help local Australian businesses flourish in the upcoming technology-based marketplace. However, there is also room for the entrance of high-profile foreign companies and investors who wish to bring their money into the Melbourne area.

While there are a lot of places throughout Australia that are seeing strong development, Melbourne is primed for a technological explosion. Due to its proximity to natural wonders and business conveniences, Melbourne has become a city that draws new investors and businesses every year. With the current spate of tax benefits being provided to new technology businesses, there has never been a better time to start up a technology business in the country of Australia. Thanks to locations like the Digital Harbour, there are many opportunities for new businesses to have access to the resources that they need to be successful.

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