Technology Companies in Moscow (Russia)

Technology Companies in Moscow (Russia)Russia is an absolutely enormous country, and it hosts an equally enormous technology industry. Technology businesses in Russia are booming, with the city of Moscow being a centerpiece for the best technologies coming out of Russia. Russia has been forced to compete in recent years with the likes of China and Korea, which has taken a major toll on the manufacturing base there. What was once an agrarian society had shifted to manufacturing as its major industry in the middle of the 20th century, only to be supplanted by countries with cheaper labor forces. In response to this, Russia has been providing major incentives to technology companies for locating and remaining in Russian cities.

Large Technology Companies Headquartered in Russia

There are a number of high-powered technology companies that maintain their corporate headquarters in Moscow. Some of these companies started out in Moscow while others have simply decided to move their headquarters here in light of tax incentives and other perks. Specifically, video game publishers and software production companies have become mainstays of Moscow's industrial landscape.

1C Company is known as one of the largest software developers in the country, and it is the largest independent game publisher in Russia. It was founded by Boris Nuraliev in 1991, while Moscow was just starting to become more accepting of western capitalism. The properties of this company include such acclaimed games as the "King's Bounty" series of games and the hit "Men of War" series. While the company is largely unknown in the west, their properties have been featured at major gaming expos in the past five years. The company employs 850 people and has plans to expand into the North American market very soon.

Kaspersky Lab Software is perhaps the most well-known company from Moscow by western consumers. Their popular anti-virus software programs are a mainstay of current computer culture, and they remain some of the most trusted pieces of software on the market. Kaspersky firewall software is heavily used by the Russian military to protect vital information. The company was founded by Natalia and Eugene Kaspersky in 1997, and the company has grown to employ more than 2,400 people in Moscow. This makes the company one of the largest employers in the city, making it an essential part of the business landscape. Natalia is no longer heavily involved with the company, however co-founder Eugene Kaspersky is still acting CEO.

ABBYY is a software development company with roughly 1,000 employees in the city of Moscow. The company specializes in optical character recognition and language software for mobile and computer-based applications. Founded in 1989 by David Yang, the company first gained notoriety as a producer of cutting-edge speech recognition software. Over the years, the company has expanded into a number of different markets, though its major headquarters is currently in Moscow, Russia. ABBYY is one of the most successful companies headquartered in Moscow that was not founded by a native-born Russian citizen.

The Impact of Technology in Russian Economics

As illustrated by a cursory glance at the most successful companies in Moscow, technology development is an enormously important part of Russian economics. Software development is an especially important part of the economy. Many economists believe that this is because software development is a skilled trade that requires specialized training. This means that companies drift toward centers that provide the most educated workers, not necessarily those who will take the least amount of money. This makes software development such an attractive industry to be involved with in a larger, industrialized nation like Russia. The Russian government also provides special incentives to these businesses due to the unique inability to outsource these jobs to less educated workers in poorer nations.

As technology businesses continue to expand throughout Moscow, property values have risen significantly. Much of this is due to the change from Soviet communism to more western-influenced capitalist policies. However, a statistically significant percentage of Moscow natives are employed by the technology in some way. While software development is a big part of the economy here, hardware development is also very popular here. However, hardware development often falls more toward the research and development side of the industry over the actual production side.

Moscow is a Technological Center

No matter how you look at it, Moscow's economy is significantly more diverse and healthy than it was ten years ago. While there are a lot of reasons for this, the impact of the technology industry on Moscow's economy cannot be overstated. As these companies continue to grow and flourish, it can be assumed that the economy will continue this consistent upward trend. In Moscow, the technology industry is seen as the rising tide that raises all ships. Due to this, there are a lot of strong incentives to build and keep technology businesses here.

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