Bentley Technology Park, Perth, Australia

Bentley Technology Park Perth Australia Bently Technology Park is at the epicenter of technological innovation and development in the state of Western Australia. It is home to more than 100 technology companies that range from hardware to software development and research operations. Technology park lives up to its name by providing a space for technology-based businesses to thrive, and it bases its model off of a more communal and symbiotic relationship. While it is not a requirement, many companies take advantage of the specializations of other companies within the park. This has helped to create an extremely innovative environment where the best minds of Western Australia can come together around great ideas. Academic organizations are also welcome here, and they thrive equally well on the dynamic mixture of businesses here.

Technology Park is only 6 kilometers outside of the city of Perth, Australia and near the famous Curtin University of Technology. Due to this unique geographical location, Technology Park gets the best of both worlds in terms of amenities. Its proximity to the city makes Technology Park an excellent location for commuters, or for anyone who contracts out to larger businesses in the city. Its quieter, more suburban surroundings make the location excellent for businesses that need a more tranquil atmosphere to conduct business. The proximity to the coast of western Australia also makes this location excellent for people looking to relocate to an area closer to work.

Technology Park opened its doors in 1985 as a response to the provisions of the Technology and Industry Development Act. Its purpose originally to promote technological research and development in Western Australia, and it has continued to live up to this standard. Over the years, it has developed into one of the most important hubs for technological development in the state of Western Australia.

Important Organizations Headquartered in Technology Park

There are a number of important businesses that are headquartered in Technology Park. Some of them are large businesses that have operations all around the world, while others are centered specifically in the vicinity of Perth. This mixture of large and small businesses is a large part of why Technology Park has produced so many winning companies over the years. New companies get to learn from the larger, older companies here. In return, larger companies can benefit from the vitality of smaller, more nimble and perhaps more efficient companies. The end result is a very cooperative and supportive community that does a lot of good for Western Australia.

Technology Park is unique in the sense that it is overseen by the Australian government as a resource to push research and development in the field of technology. There are businesses that are headquartered here, but the general aim of the park is to provide resources to research and development organizations. These organizations can be private companies or they can be government-run organizations. For example, the Department of Agriculture and Food and the Department of Environment and Conservation both hold offices here.

The Impact of the Park on the Community

Bentley Technology Park has had an enormous impact on the economic health of the surrounding area. It has helped to spawn a new era of interest in technology careers while simultaneously becoming a revenue-positive addition to the Australian government. In all, the park is seen as a uniform success in that it is constantly meeting its benchmarks for promoting excellence while helping develop the local economy. The organizations headquartered in Bentley Technology Park employ many people in the vicinity as either regular employees or private contractors. This is something that seems to grow every year as more and more businesses move into the area to take advantage of the resources here.

The Bentley Technology Park is also commonly used as an event venue for businesses looking to host training seminars or private meetings. This adds further profitability to the facility.

Bentley Technology Park is equipped with some of the most cutting-edge technologies that can be found in Australia today. Perks like this help to bring more businesses into the park, and they also help to make the park more profitable as a business event venue. All in all, the Bentley Technology Park has helped the surrounding area in a number of ways. It has brought more commerce to the area, helped to refine the economic landscape, and it has helped to bring technology to the forefront of the Australian business scene.

Government Investments were Key

In the end, the park may have never happened were it not for the investments made by the Australian government. Most countries are beginning to understand the dire importance of having strong public involvement with technological development. The Bentley Technology Park is a prime example of what can be accomplished when the public sector and the private sector find ways to promote mutual growth.

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