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Eastside Puget Sound

History of Eastside Tech Center - Puget Sound

The history of Eastside Tech Center - Puget Sound gives proof to the position this area plays as being a leading location for growth and development. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries Eastside played a major part in the logging and mining industries. People traveled from all over the United States to the Eastside area looking for stable work opportunities within these industries.

After World War II when the rest of the country was on a downward spiral as far as employment and economical factors, Eastside was booming in industries including dairy and berry farming. As the economy within the Eastside - Puget Sound area was thriving, this allowed for new growth and development. The construction business was growing to keep up with the population inflation within the region. Not only was this a welcome to the area, it was helping to sustain other locations around the country during the hard times as well.

Over the years businesses have taken note of the endless possibilities and benefits for their companies that are available to them when locating their business headquarters in the Eastside - Puget Sound community. You will find companies including Microsoft, AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, Nintendo, Expedia, and others situated throughout this successful tech center. People have found that the many edge cities situated around Eastside - Puget Sound serve as ideal neighborhoods to live as they are clean, safe, and provide easy access to their place of employment. This only proves that the growth and development that this tech and media center was built on remains just as solid today as when its success was first noted.

Companies That Call Eastside Tech Center Home

There is a broad spectrum of industries represents by the businesses located throughout Eastside - Puget Sound. From privately owned start up businesses to well established corporations that have locations around the world, these companies are experiencing great success with their location within the Eastside media and tech center. This can be noticed with one look at the profit and loss records for these companies that are recorded year after year.

There are headquarters for some of the world's largest companies located throughout Eastside Tech Center - Puget Sound. You will find many video game and interactive media companies located throughout the area including Sony Online Entertainment, Warner Brothers Entertainment, Monolith Products, Bungie, ArenaNet, and Microsoft Game Studios. You will also notice names such as Yahoo, Walt Disney, Fox Sports, Google, and Boeing that have their company's headquarters within the area as well.

Regardless of their size all companies that choose to build their business within the Eastside Tech Center - Puget Sound have experienced a great deal of success. Privately owned start-up companies that build their business within this media and technology center make up a large portion of the businesses within this region. Some of the fastest growing privately owned start-up companies you will find here include Coldstream Capital Management Inc., The Legacy Group Inc., Winshuttle LLC, PlayNetwork Inc., Protingentic, and Orb Optronix Inc.

Secrets of the Thriving Eastside Tech Center Economy

One of the biggest factors that have made the Eastside Tech Center - Puget Sound one of the most successful in the world is the unique way that the economy within this area works. This region is one of the most self-sufficient when it comes to fueling the financial aspects within the community. The growth and development of new roads and bridges has made it possible for people to live within the outskirt communities and travel easily to their place of employment. These surrounding communities offer quiet, clean, and desired conditions that make the ideal place to live and raise a family comfortably.

The media and tech businesses found throughout the Eastside Tech Center - Puget Sound are responsible for more than $350 million that fills the economy throughout this tech center. These figures are quite steady from one year to the next, helping to balance out the economy that people depend on within the area. Tech Schools and universities such as Bellingham Technical College, Central Washington University, Washington State University, and South Puget Sound Community College staff these companies with graduates that possess the latest knowledge and ideas within the media and technology industries. This is one of the purposes for the steady growth and development achieved by these companies.

When Visiting the Eastside Tech Center - Puget Sound

Throughout Eastside Tech Center - Puget Sound you will find that travel and commuting is of the utmost importance to those that live and work within this media and tech center. Bridges including the Lacey V. Murrow Memorial Bridge, Third Lake Washington Bridge, and the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge provide easy transports to and from the area. For those that must travel for work to and from the area will find that they have three different airports to choose from. These airports include the Kenmore Air Harbor, Renton Municipal Airport, and the Bellevue Airfield.

There are many hotels and stay accommodations for those planning a vacation or business trip to the Eastside Tech Center. You will find conference centers including the Shoreline Conference Center and the Microsoft Conference Center that has facilities available to host business conferences, meetings, and training sessions. These facilities are equipped to handle various sized group events you may be anticipating.

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