Silicon Roundabout (London, UK)

Silicon Roundabout (London, UK)

Birth of London's Own Silicon Roundabout

Silicon Roundabout is East London's own media and tech centre. Located within London's East End which consists of the area between Old Street in Central and East London and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, Silicon Roundabout is home to some of the world's best known companies' headquarters. This area is also commonly referred to as Tech City.

The history of Silicon Roundabout can be dated back to 2008. During this time 15 major media and high tech companies called this area home. Today Silicon Roundabout serves as the heart of the entire East London's Tech Center.

The growth of this world renowned tech and media center has been rapid throughout the past few years. It was only in November of 2010 that Prime Minister David Cameron gave a speech announcing his plans to accelerate the growth of Silicon Roundabout and the entire East London Tech City. In 2011, he appointed a young entrepreneur Eric van der Kleij to lead this project. Soon afterward more than 200 different media and technology based companies signed on to build headquarters for their companies within Silicon Roundabout.

There has been no slowing down in East London's Silicon Roundabout. To date more than 600 companies have headquarters located in this media and technology hub. You will find everything from start-up businesses to worldwide corporations that have found the area to be of great benefit and prime location for their company's success.

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Stepping Out of the Shadows

In 2008 when the original 15 media and technology focused companies began seeing the success of their business's location in East London's Tech City, the name Silicon Roundabout was created. The purpose for the name was to model the then popular and successful Silicon Valley in California. Much of the early growth and development of Silicon Roundabout was based on what worked in Silicon Valley. The ideals of creating another media and tech hub that would serve the world left Silicon Roundabout in the shadows of Silicon Valley. However, it did not stay that way for long.

Within a period of 2 short years the size of Silicon Roundabout multiplied by 2000%. This is one of the largest and fastest growth spurts ever experience in a media and tech center anywhere in the world. London's Prime Minister David Cameron once again announced at the end of 2012 that he had plans to invest another 50 million pounds into the development and growth of Silicon Roundabout.

Even with the threat of financial disasters looming in the economy around the world, Silicon Roundabout has thrived. Companies are continually taking in record breaking profits regularly allowing them to expand and increase their development for the demands the world has for new media and technology advancements.

Best of the Best in Silicon Roundabout

To understand the prime location and advantages that Silicon Roundabout in London's East End Tech City has to offer, you must first understand the companies that have recently chosen the area to house their company's European based headquarters. This includes trusted and much needed companies such as Apple, Google, Groupon, Nokia, QUALCOMM, and Telefonica. These are the best of the best in the world of media and technology industry. Other big names that you will notice throughout this tech and media hub include social networking companies such as Facebook. Other names you will often hear include Amazon, Intel, and Imperial Innovations.

The list of company names that people around the globe depend on for their media and technology needs is continuously growing at record rates. These companies not only build headquarters for their companies in the Silicon Roundabout tech and media center, they are regularly investing in expansion projects for these businesses as well. Employment rates are always soaring as are the need for more space to accommodate the expansions taking place.

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Visiting Silicon Roundabout

When planning a visit to the Silicon Roundabout area in East London's Tech City you will notice that the convention and accommodation selection available is anything but simple. This area houses many convention centers, hotels, and other such hospitality services to accommodate those visiting for personal and business purposes.

The Brewery is one of the many convention centers that are able to provide accommodations regardless of your intentions. With conference spaces that comfortably seat 30 to 1200 guests at any given time, you will find the amenities offered through the Brewery to be quite satisfying for everything from business meetings to company-wide social affairs. This facility also provides an integrated DB audio PA system in every conference and meeting room, Wi-Fi Services, LED lighting, electronic entrance signage, coat check, and on-site 24-hour security. Catering and dining options are also available.

Some of the other conference centers and hotels you will find throughout Silicon Roundabout and other areas of East London's Tech City include the Rookery, South Place Hotel, the Zetter, and the Doubletree by Hilton. There are even apartment and condominiums available for longer stays to the area which you will find conveniently located within short distances to all businesses you require access to.

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