Singapore Science Park

Singapore Science Park The Singapore Science Park is billed as Asia's home to research and development. As the largest center in all of Singapore directed solely at research and development, it has become one of the most integral parts of the scientific community in that country. While it is not technically the largest organized community based solely around scientific research in the whole of Asia, it is definitely up there. While any park dedicated to the development of cutting edge technologies will produce some interesting patents, the real benefits of the Singapore Science Park are more widespread than that.

The Singapore Science Park is often regarded as a prime example of how developing a strong scientific community will help to strengthen the overall economy of a city. Ever since the park was cleared by the government of Singapore in 1980, it has been helping to strengthen the economy in Singapore.

In 1980, the government started a very hard push toward making Singapore an international hub for research and development for new technologies. This was meant to be a national initiative that was geared toward enhancing science education, involvement in the sciences, and Singapore's own standing as a leader in research and development. Over the next two years, construction crews worked tirelessly to create the Singapore Science Park until it opened its doors in 1982. Its first tenants was the company Det Norske Veritas, who manages risk factors for large investigations and insurance cases.

The Singapore Science Park development team has taken steps to help make the park more accessible to workers and tourists. Bus transportation is a large part of travel in Singapore, so there are a number of public transit terminals around the Singapore Science Park to make access easier. The transit system in place here is also there to provide easy access to the park for the many different people employed there.

The Singapore Science Park Culture

One of the biggest things people mention about the science park is that it feels like a community and not like a workplace. While lots of work is constantly going on within the walls of this park, there are also many other amenities offered by the park. There is a wide range of services that are designed specifically to create a "work-play" business atmosphere. The park's entire goal is to create an environment that allows both the creative and analytic spirit of tenants to shine.

The park has a fully-equipped gym, including aerobics studios, tennis courts and a large swimming pool. There are food courts in the science park, many of which focus on healthy food options for employees of the park. There is a bus shuttle that is in constant operation and that can take passengers anywhere on campus very quickly. Project presentation rooms at the Singapore Science Park are equipped with the latest presentation technologies. Special events are also constantly being developed to help shake up the day of employees. Things like Green Month, networking sessions, lunch seminars and "Healthy Lifestyle Week" are very important parts of the culture here.

Famous Companies at the Singapore Science Park

As the name would suggest, the Singapore Science Park caters almost exclusively to research and development firms. Due to the specific amenities provided by the park, it has become a very popular spot for some of the world's leading research and development companies.

One of the larger research and development companies housed in the Singapore Science Park is BST Scientific. BST Scientific is a regional company that specializes in life science education tools for students in Singapore and neighboring countries. As one of the top providers of such tools in Singapore, it is a major addition to the Singapore Science Park. As with other businesses headquartered here, BST Scientific's main goals lie in the research and development of new and unique tools for researchers and students.

The Impact of the Park

The Singapore Science Park has impacted the country of Singapore in a number of different ways, and it has all been positive. The park has helped to make Singapore a primary destination for development companies looking for a base of operations in Asia. Whether it's a large company like DNG or a smaller company like BST Scientific, the Singapore Science Park has a little something for everyone. The key is in its strict devotion to technology companies.

While there are a lot of excellent economic benefits that have come from the creation of the park, the most commonly-cited benefits of the park are less tangible. Locals often refer to the park as something that they can be proud of, and they are pleased to see Singapore being represented in such an academically refined way. Over time, the park is expected to expand and become even more "in tune" with the demands of its clients.

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