Tech City (London, UK)

Tech City (London, UK)

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Located in the Central and East London region of the United Kingdom, Tech City is one of the best known media and technology hubs in the world. Situated on London's East End, Tech City borders Old Street and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford.

History of Tech City

The history of Tech City in London can be traced back to 2008. During this time there were approximately 15 different media and high-tech companies that called this area home. It wasn't until November 4th, 2010 when Prime Minister David Cameron of the United Kingdom gave a speech in east London announcing the growth of this hub. In 2011 Prime Minister David Cameron appointed entrepreneur, Eric van der Kleij to act as the leader for the development of East London Tech Centre. By this time more than 200 firms had opened up a business within the area proving that the development of the East London Tech Centre was well under way.

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Today, there are more than 1,300 different media and technology focused companies that have a headquarters located within the East London Tech Centre. These companies include Bang Media Ltd., Victor Stone, Space Projects, Frommers Unlimited, and Spinner Design Ltd. Tweet Deck and Bloomberg Ventures are among the biggest firms with headquarters in this Tech Centre. In 2012, Google added their name to the London Tech Centre line-up of top earning businesses in the area as they opened their company headquarters to the public. The majority of the companies found throughout East London Tech Centre in the United Kingdom are media based companies that depend on technologies that have been developed in other areas around the world.

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Growth and Development of East London's Tech City

There have recently been discussions about investing as much as $78 million into expanding and upgrading the East London Tech Centre. These amounts are far less than the anticipated billions of dollars that many of the more than 1,300 companies are bringing in annually for the region. The money that is expected to be raised for these expansion plans will be used to help ease concerns over the connectivity, skill shortages, lack of mentoring, and rising economical costs for operations for these businesses already housed in the area. The government wants to use some of the money to help attract international companies that can restore the financial independence of the Tech Centre in years to come. This will allow for a more confident feel knowing that the area will prove to be a wise investment for other companies to you in the future.

Visiting East London's Tech City

There are more than 50 different convention centers, meeting centers, and hotels within walking distance of East London's Tech City. This makes it quite convenient when planning business meetings, sales opportunities, social events, or vacations to the area. Convention centers including Alexandra Palace, Barbican conference & Exhibition Centre, Kensington Town Hall Conference & Event Centre, and Olympia Conference Center are all located within a few miles of Tech City and provide seating for 450 to 7,250 guests. With a large range of meeting rooms, these centers provide comfortable accommodations for all types of business and social events. Hotels such as Hilton London Docklands Riverside and the Grosvenor House Marriott Hotel provide premium quality stay accommodations whether traveling alone with larger groups.

Should you find the need for vehicle rental or commuting services, London offers buses and taxi services to and from all areas of East London Tech City. You may have longer wait times for service during busy week day work hours as this is when most of the hustle and bustle around town is experienced. It is best to plan your commute early for these reasons. There are private vehicle rental companies that offer affordable, economical vehicles to use during your time in East London's Tech City. This will allow you to see all that the area has to offer at your own convenience.

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